Drew by Goldfrapp


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but Astromonkey was first  

i think i'm about to enter another serious goldfrapp phase. yesterday i did two rounds of the old black cherry album and will give the new one a spin or two this weekend   17

solveigo 6 Sep 2013

I'd like my Goldfrapp smooth and mellow please, with extra cream...   11

thisismymistake 30 Jul 2013

Lovely new Goldfrapp.   3

Astromonkey 15 Jul 2013

A breathy new single from Goldfrapp to get the week started.   6

TeamJamPicks 15 Jul 2013

NSFW. In the course of their last few albums, Goldfrapp has been alternating between up-tempo dance albums and bucolic, dreamy ones. This song comes from the latter sort, the just-released Tales of Us.   3

Sylvestrian 13 Oct 2013

Simply gorgeous.

thomarse 24 Aug 2014