Inner City Life by Goldie

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but alruii was first  

classic dnb :)

thegreatestman 18 May 2014

just a blast from the past.   1

ThingInABook 23 Oct 2012

Some songs are so redolent of the era they were created in. This sounds like 1994.

backwards7 25 Jan 2014

Second attempt to play a weekend mood tune. This fits perfectly!   5

abigail.deeks 24 Apr 2014

One of those songs, I guess, where you're either "Best Song Ever" when ever you hear it for the last 20 years or, "well, meh, Jungle, wasn't it"?

halfbyte 22 Dec 2014

almost 20 years old and i'm still feeling this….

parisavalgebra 4 Apr 2014