Master Builder by Gong

JamesC’s jam on 14 Oct ’14 and then 2 times after that (See all)

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calumgunn 21 Feb 2013

Time for some interstellar chanting................ #CosmicSpaceJam   13

philipnareike 28 Jan 2014

Eternal spacerock is my eternal jam!

snve 25 Sep 2015

This astral plane misses you Daevid

szycag 12 Apr 2015

Continuing my space rock theme, here's a classic Gong track, incorporating what would come to be known as the Glorious Om Riff, which Steve Hillage later rerecorded for his Green album and is a firm fav of Acid Mothers Temple. Taken from You - the final album in the Radio Gnome trilogy.

spewish 22 Jun 2015

A little bit of Gong never hurt anyone.....................   4

philipnareike 27 Aug 2012