Black Sabbeth by Gonga ft. Beth GIbbons

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but simonp was first  

Portishead frontwoman helps out on this cover (hence the slight change in the title)

juepucta 25 Apr 2014

Black Sabbath with Beth Gibbons (of Portishead) doing the vocals? Yes, please!

chiaslut 28 Apr 2014

This video is for #halloween #Halloweenweek Black Sabbath (1963) also known as: I tre volti della paura | Three Faces of Fear -  vocals by Beth Gibbons - I remember seeing a documentary of Black Sabbath once. The band was rehearsing opposite of a movie theatre. They noticed that people liked to see scary movies. "Why not make scary music", they said, "People will like that too". So they did!   7

mvergouwen 25 Oct 2014

Beth Gibbons spooky voice is fantastic.

froparis 24 Apr 2014

Black Sabbath cover feat. Beth Gibbons

dascoisasbreves 9 Jun 2014

'Black SabbAth' by #Gonga is my new jam. Yes, that's Beth Gibbons of #Portishead #Metal #Doom Listen :   1

obz 28 Apr 2014