The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot

“"At 7pm the main hatchway gave in, he said, 'Fellas, it's been good to know you.'"”

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"At 7pm the main hatchway gave in, he said, 'Fellas, it's been good to know you.'"   1

hughmcguire 4 May 2014

on the anniversary of the wreck...

whitebuddha 10 Nov 2014

Father's Day jam the fourth and final is a bit different. This here is a song that I learned of from my father rather than the other way around. Dad had an affection for Gordon Lightfoot, who I'm still not at all fond of, but in my younger days I thought those Gord's Gold CDs were THE WORST. But this song was Dad's favorite from them, and I heard it plenty of times. It's just somber and downbeat enough to be bearable, and after repeat exposure I almost actually like it. Forced, on-the-nose lyrics aside.   3

AlteGeist 24 Jun 2015

I first heard this many moons ago but only after hearing a new epic version by Arbouretum recently did I go back and listen to the scarcely less epic original about a doomed freighter that sank In Lake Superior in 1975. Accompanied by one hell of a scary video.   2

leslieplatt59 6 Oct 2013

Best played on a hotel jukebox in Newcastle.   2

Al_Ewing 16 Jan 2012

Gordon Lightfoot was so unfashionable in the 70s Noel Edmunds used to champion him. This is a cracking true story song

GrahamDJohns 2 Jun 2015