Obscura by Gorguts

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but ngunderwood was first  

1998. Canadians decide to re-invent metal as we know it...again. Ahead of its time...and still for some today.

El-Heinous 1 Apr 2012

RIP big Steeve - (1971-2012). A great shame.

ngunderwood 28 May 2012

OBSCURA ! Great song, I remember the first time I listened this song I didn't like it at all, I was like "What the hell is this ?" even though I was into metal already . Then a couple of years passed and I listened to it again and loved it ! And I've read people say the same, looks like they were too good and too early for their time.

Zango 16 Jun 2013

Hard to believe this album came out in 1998.

PhilipYount 25 Sep 2015