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Christina, I saw you in a magazine-a. Your eyes shone like pearls all over the world.   1

eliotvb 30 Sep 2011

This hijacked me this morning and I was stunned by how beautiful and complex and just plain brilliant it is

acethornton 6 Feb 2013

This was my jam. This is my jam. Not for Aguilera fans.

eliotvb 21 Jun 2012

As I'm in Wales for the week...   1

RobertVarley 10 Aug 2012

And you, in your Bel Air home. (via @bwhitman)

flaneur 4 Jul 2013

Promise me you'll listen to this song on vinyl, through knackered speakers from the early 80s. To die for.   5

rorymcvicar 21 Feb 2012