“Predictive text struggled with this one.”

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but seb was first  

Predictive text struggled with this one.   1

countryboy 16 Jun 2015

And if you really want to kiss her. Just go right up and tell her

tsunamithegecko 30 Apr 2015

Great song. Very strange video.   2

grumpy 4 Jan 2014

There is no day, mood or situation that cannot be improved by hearing this song.   1

seb 13 Dec 2011

I'm holding my breath, as I tried this so many times and it wouldn't work - I sat on my patio today after handing over our LT log cabin to some lovely couple with a 2 yr old - sob - our patio seemed bigger but empty, oh well, isn't  it a lovely day? !   6

PartyTearsFew 5 Jul 2015

The winter is so long, it takes up so much land.   5

Owlsoup 2 Mar 2015