Did We Live Too Fast by Got A Girl

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“Did We Live Too Fast” by @Got_a_Girl ( @dantheautomator + @M_E_Winstead ) is my new jam. #HandsoniumInstitute   2

gtcro 20 Jun 2014

I wonder what John thinks of Lucy McClane's music debut...

EnemyOfPeanuts 18 Jun 2014

The Got A Girl album is great, and this video is suitably odd.

ojeffery 2 Oct 2014

Dan the Automator and Mary Elizabeth Winstead's collaboration, Got A Girl, is shaping up very nicely indeed

sockformation 3 Jun 2014

Full review at http://www.therealmusic.net/got-girl-love-must-drive-cliff-now/

therealmusicnet 24 Jul 2014

Mary Elizabeth Winstead 😏

marie_says 4 Aug 2014