State Of The Art by Gotye

“Funky slow jam with a cool retro-toon video. Nice!”

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Funky slow jam with a cool retro-toon video. Nice!

somenerd 17 Aug 2012

A quirky song about a vintage Lowrey Cotillion D575 organ.   3

jonathanapples 2 Nov 2011

An entire song about a Cotillion D575. The music video is also great to boot:

couch 17 Oct 2011

The other Gotye song.

abe 1 Jul 2013

Top tune off Gotye's last album. Auto-tune flexed vocoder style; plus the bashment beat goes kinda hardbody. BLAM

omardubois 1 Jul 2013

After finally buying the Gotye album this weekend, how did this song not become a single. It's a tune!   8

inspirasean 19 Nov 2012