Eisbär by Grauzone

“Dancin' in my polar bear T-shirt.”

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Dancin' in my polar bear T-shirt.   21

Han 17 Nov 2011

Last night when I got home I started digging through all of the CDs I used to bring with me to DJ, and this consistently came up, over and over again on compilations. This weirdly surfaced around 2011/2012 when everyone started cratedigging Krautrock again, and this, plus Palais Schaumberg's Telefon, were two I pulled out a lot because they are just superbly danceable to. If that's a verb.   2

nd_kane 30 Oct 2014

#rain   4

aanand 11 May 2013

Great song, great video, great great great. Ho Ho Ho. #hohoho   7

Brownpants 11 Dec 2013

A German band who came and went, this being their only true hit. And a hit it deserved to be, there are not enough songs concerning polar bears.

EGKunz 5 Oct 2014