Only Of You by Green Day

“1,000 Hours. Two weeks before the EP’s release, the band told Livermore they were changing their name to Green Day, inspired by a heavy day of dope-smoking. (“A Green Day is a day with lots of green bud where you just sit around taking bong hits, hanging around” said Mike, helpfully.) The response: “What, are you crazy? You can’t change your name at the last minute! How will anybody know it’s you? Besides, Green Day’s a stupid name. It doesn’t even mean anything.” But the band were resolute, and a new EP sleeve was duly designed. The EP came out in April ‘89 and sold about 1000 copies in its first year, not even matching up the Lookout label’s best seller to date, a record from Operation Ivy. Things moved fast. Livermore later put up the grand total of $675 for the band to record a full album, 39/Smooth, which was made over two days, mostly of first takes. This vinyl LP was later reissued on CD as 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours with the addition of

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