Sleeping Ute by Grizzly Bear

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but ian was first  

This song is in 12/8, which automatically makes it cool, plus the inversions of the chords are very unique.

Jammer9000 14 Aug 2015

Loving this new album...

bombasticky 20 Sep 2012

Grizzly Bear play Brixton in October This is from the forthcoming new album Shields.   1

ATPFestival 31 Jul 2012

Ready for the first new Grizzly Bear song in 3 years? Here's track one from the upcoming album.   1

ian 5 Jun 2012

sounds pretty good, love the guitars and the psychedelic folk   1

alamon86 16 May 2014

These are a @thisismyjam discovery. This the opening track from 2012 album 'Shields' Its varied. Interesting..   2

adrian4acn 3 Nov 2012