The Planets, Op. 32: IV. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity by Gustav Holst

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Rorro 25 Apr 2015

Saw this performed by the PHX Symphony tonight, with video of Jupiter in the background. Wicked cool.

sitonthecouch 13 Jan 2013

True motivator to a productive and jolly day Good Morning XXXX   2

pooblemoo 26 Jan 2014

Something Jovial to brighten another gloomy day.   5

UncannyUK 13 Oct 2013

Jupiter, my favourite planet. Beautiful, powerful, emotional, and synaesthesia-inducing. It also makes me reminiscent of vowing to my country in school assembly.

FunSizeSuze 4 Apr 2014

This has been my #earworm all this morning, as it often is.

dansumption 1 Mar 2012