Forever (Giorgio Moroder remix) by HAIM


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Haim, remixed by Giorgio Moroder? I know what I'm listening to on repeat forever.

Auhim 9 Dec 2013

moroder awesomeness

ana_droid 5 Dec 2013

OK, let's try this again: Giorgio "God" Moroder remixes Haim. And it still has robotic vocals   2

Niels_Footman 5 Dec 2013

HAIM's remixers all seem on-the-nose rather -- Dan Lissvik? Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas? Psychemagik? The entirety of Days Are Gone is one long Psychemagik remix, you know? Anyway, here is Moroder in full roller disco mode with kitty ears on.

minimoonstar 2 May 2014

Giorgio "God" Moroder remixes Haim. Yes, there are robotic vocals   3

Niels_Footman 5 Dec 2013

File under "things you didn't know you wanted until you stumbled across them"   1

djperry1973 4 Dec 2013