Moonlight by Hanni El Khatib

“Something a little different via @BBC6Music

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Something a little different via @BBC6Music

abunchofletters 3 Dec 2014

It's a full moon.

junkycosmonaut 5 Feb 2015

All my life I've been fighting for the moonlight...

thomarse 15 Jan 2015

I'm really liking this track from his 2015 album. Sampled a few tunes from Head in the Dirt (2013 - produced by Dan Auerbach) and Will the Guns Come Out (2011) and I'm going back for more!

durno 13 Jul 2015

Just discovered Hanni El Khatib and I'm totally diggin' his sound #Moonlight   2

Vickipedia 2 Feb 2015


jajsomsazlakla 7 Feb 2015