You're So Cool by Hans Zimmer

“Almost time at the bar here at This Is My Jam...”

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Almost time at the bar here at This Is My Jam...

reyes 24 Sep 2015

It's #SountrackSunday so here's a #SundaySoother from one of my favorites...this with THE BOONDOCK SAINTS is one of my favorite 'pick me up' double features   8

Shaka 19 Oct 2014

Have a great weekend everyone.

JonnyYeah 5 Sep 2014

50. Jam 29: 1993. From the soundtrack of 'True Romance'. If not the best 90's film, it's certainly the one I've seen most. Great dialogues, great cast. And this, the best Hans Zimmer piece I know.   2

aldusd 16 Apr 2014

Had to post a soundtrack sometime. One for the summer. Fantastic film.   3

Vaegensson 17 May 2013

Iconic instrumental from Tony Scott's True Romance (itself a tribute to RIP Tony.   1

samgilbey 21 Aug 2012