Lady, You Shot Me by Har Mar Superstar

“This song is just awesome. The end.”

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This song is just awesome. The end.

sarahbabble 28 Oct 2013

My housemate is having really loud/rough sex / falling over repeatedly. It's hilarious. This is the soundtrack to that moment.

ronnyjowe 14 Aug 2015

New fave tune.   2

iPaulie 5 Jan 2014

Fantastic   4

Ssejica 29 Nov 2013

Digging the new Stax Records-ish direction from fellow Minnesotan & cherubic soul enigma Har Mar Superstar.

sweeter 24 Apr 2013

Was just randomly wondering what Har Mar was up to I completely missed this album!   2

underhandrea 22 Nov 2014