Stairway to Heaven by Heart

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evanacmd 16 Jun 2013

Back here. There are bad covers, there are good covers and there's this.   1

BalloonFish 27 Sep 2014

It really doesn't get much better than this.   10

pjcj 25 Feb 2013

This is from over a year ago and my son recently discovered it. The greatest version I have ever heard apart from the original of course! Watch Robert Plant & Jimmy Page's reaction and spot the celebrities in the crowd. Wonderful! And check out Heart - still going strong and producing great rock.

johnplilly 19 Dec 2013

I love this version so much. It's magnificent. #LedZeppelin

bradscanlan 6 May 2014

Heart covering Led Zeppelin in front of Led Zeppelin. This is too good.

IJP 31 Aug 2013