Without You by Hinder

“Farewell to #TIMJ ill be going to www.letsloop.com under KeRPlunk i geuss this is for all my fellow jammers especially @PeteLaberge who has had my 6 since the beginning of this jam journey for me , he has been a great friend and has put up with my pointless rants and insults and you guys make sure to add me when you go to letsloop ok thanks @JustinXbox @leejohnson, @PeteLaberge @natyblooming @lynn200 @lindatee @DiamondDog @AlicejustMay @joeldurhamjr )) @gonegirl @richardhomer @AndyMack @MartinWalker. @j2daboy @enric.navarro especially the first few tags that have jammed with me from the start this song is for #TIMJ please dont end this site you all have done a great job come up with an app ill pay 99 cents for it you got a good thing going guys my email is strokerv8@icloud.com and tumbler is 8illie-jo3-4rmstrong it may even be 4rmstr0ng thanks this somg is yours”

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