Chorus by Holly Herndon

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but moverstreet was first  

A new one for me. Her name came up in a recent Sound of Plaid podcast, and I started investigating...   2

bignonioides 17 Aug 2014

The first HH tune that's really hooked me, shame I missed her playing with OPN last night   4

AbeKingdom 7 Feb 2014

Everything about this makes my brain shiver.

snortasprocket 14 Jul 2015

#releaseday for the new Holly Herndon! (almost double ordered this, luckily noticed I had pre-ordered in time).   2

clickysounds 19 May 2015

#2014 @hollyherndon #sidejam links are well worth your time on this one...   6

clickysounds 24 Jan 2014

Would have thought this was Aphex Twin if I didn't know otherwise.

Olimite 19 May 2015