True Loves by Hooray For Earth

“under a world of sound, hold her and hold her”

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under a world of sound, hold her and hold her

ninaeff 10 Sep 2012

Under a world of sound...

alexpriest 3 Oct 2012

saw these guys open for cymbals eat guitars last weekend. sound's evolved quite a bit since boston in 2004.

bennettk 10 Oct 2011

TRUE LOVES by @hoorayforearth (i realize that's 2 for today but THIS SONG IS THE SHIT! blasting in my car/partment ALL DAY) #1songaday2014

OliverVaquer 9 Jan 2014

Just incredibly large. I posted this a long time ago and had to again because HUGE.   5

yesquite 4 Jun 2012

still one of my favorite songs & videos @hoorayforearth "True Loves"

MusicMumbler 24 Apr 2013