Over and Over by Hot Chip


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but dr_jigs was first  

Over and over and out. So long @ThisIsMyJam… 😥   1

jensnikolaus 9 Aug 2015

Ah well, I guess this is it, then. I've had my chips… #joke   2

stevefawcett 1 Apr 2015

Dancing is my favourite weekend sport. This was the appropriate song.   4

johannakoll 24 Jun 2012

Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal.

ssrusson 3 Oct 2014

Just saw Hot Chip at #squamishfest and can't get this song out of my mind.

LuluLeopard 12 Aug 2015

A god among #earworms - a song so addictive that I merely have to read the title and it's stuck in my brain.

crawtonleek 13 Feb 2014