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Our love for others can be so profound, that it can even transcend time.

jleano01 5 Jun 2015

A not so oldie but a cracker?   6

markwakeley 24 Jul 2015

My long time friends, in one of my favorite local bands are releasing a new album entitled Adonis. This initial video is quite the return. Full of emotion and artistry. The story behind the original video is breathtaking. And Jon and the boys really do a wonderful job of telling a brief story to accompany it. Im looking forward to another synth-pop, lyrically exciting album. Hope you enjoy.   4

wizzard 28 Oct 2014

Her reaction is so powerful that it brought me to tears. This is such a touching and beautiful moment.

tinitinyt 31 May 2015

living artistry

peterh07 30 May 2015