Broken Blue by Hundred Waters

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the moon rang like a bell's on the honorable mention list. TBH the vocal style's usually not my cup of tea, but the odd/dazed/demented (for lack of a better word) quality manages to make the whole thing come off both frosty and organic, which i do tend to love. and some of the lyrics remind me vividly of parts of my past, brittle homecomings and goings. "welcome it when it comes home/cook it lots of stews/feed it feasts, red wine, violets, rouge/all the things you used to do/tell the neighbors you've come home/really it's true/oh the wild parade that we planned for you/there'll be fireworks and choirs/but you must be tired/spread the finest bed/tuck it in and say/tomorrow's gonna be a big day/then watch it drift away/and all at once it's broken blue in an empty room/fate lies dusting off tables/whispering did you hear that/someone's singing in the backyard/just wind blowing through"   2

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