Murmurs by Hundred Waters

“i wish you would see what i see”

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i wish you would see what i see

yiyiiiii 1 Jul 2014

Some really good ambient pop or whatever.

yohnnie 21 Dec 2014

Still can't stop listening to @hundredwaters   1

SuccotashRadio 24 Feb 2015

"I wish you could see what I see"   2

TBBYNH 20 Jul 2014

"oh, now a holy, holy light is blowing out." this is a very good band. also they are nice people who chatted me up after a show instead of the other way around.

naxuu 8 Jul 2014

Will be thanking the cosmos for the pleasure of my 3rd Hundred Waters live experience tonight. Wishing I could have made it to the ultimate one though: #MagicMonday   8

clickysounds 23 Jun 2014