PDA by Interpol

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Oldie but a goodie

maupertus 12 Jan 2015

PDA by Interpol, the bass line of this song slays every cubic centimeter of my soul.

layla 6 May 2015

this has come back from nowhere to be just so amazing to me since being reminded of it by a session on Rock Band last weekend   1

alcxxk 17 Apr 2015

pda - interpol #nowplaying

koth 3 Feb 2015

Untitled, Obstacle 2, NYC - could an opening to an album get any better? As soon as you hear the PDA drum intro...yes it can!!! Turn On The Bright Lights, and leave them on forever

mjgBZ32 28 Jul 2014

I've no idea what he's chatting in the chorus - does he live in Ikea? But this is a belter, especially the drums

mjgBZ32 23 May 2013