Need You Tonight by INXS

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but paula was first  

you one of my kind?   1

mink_ette 15 Apr 2015

I've always dug this tune. It might be the last...

susanalley180 30 Aug 2015

'I've got to let you know. You're one of my kind'

celso 28 Aug 2015

Knee'd You Tonight was very popular back in the day. I know this was a pop group aimed at tenniebop girls. Michael's poster must have been screamed at in pink bedrooms the length & breadth of Britain. I thought he was a pretty Jaggery frontman, as it happens, & I liked quite a few of their tracks nonetheless. Fun chops on the guitar, cool beans basswork, interesting rhythms - what's not to love? I stopped short of throwing my pants or kissing posters. But that's just me.

daved 13 Jun 2015

♪ Australian rock band, formed as The Farriss Brothers♪...its Michael Hutchence♪... sex....xy!   2

titusfrancis54 25 May 2015

Ask my car about this jam. I sing it SUPER well!   4

Loosqueal 14 Aug 2012