Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas

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but solveigo was first  

Someone very cool jammed this recently, can't remember who but it hasn't left me since. One of the greatest records ever made IMO.   11

BertrandRustles 8 Jun 2015

Another old song, which, like the Love song I jammed, was another late discovery for me even though it is a well known song! I heard it a couple of years ago when I watched Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series as it was used on the episode, 15 Million Merits, a bleak look at our X-Factor culture, well worth a watch. :)   10

melissapulo 23 Jan 2014

fell in love with this on Black Mirror   4

robbfritz 4 Jan 2015

Going back as long as I can remember this has always been a favorite of mine. Sing it Irma girl!   1

kookykaryn 31 Mar 2015

thank you charlie brooker   2

solveigo 11 Dec 2011

Oh my....   10

BertrandRustles 12 Apr 2014