Let Me Do It To You by J.J. Cale

“R.I.P. J.J. Cale. I will miss your funky finger-picking.”

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R.I.P. J.J. Cale. I will miss your funky finger-picking.

meowrey 30 Jul 2013

In memoriam

digicmb 31 Jul 2013

When I came back home yesternight I was craving for some JJ Cale. I put on the playlist and just searched for JJ Cale hoping to find some news of his concerts when I see that he died, the day before :/ RIP #JJCALE #SensitiveKind #CrazyMama #LawdyMama #LetMeDoItToYou #AfterMidnight #Cocaine

TW 28 Jul 2013

J. J. Cale's my hero, best I ever heard, But you gotta sing a little louder, hoss, 'cause I can't hear the words.  Some folks call it rock and roll, others call it blues, But I detect a country soul, when I seen his cowboy shoes.   And it's alright, It's alright, It may not be right, but it's alright.'   -  Waylon Jennings "It's Alright"

BrianWDrummey 28 Jul 2013

The man was just effortlessly funky

bodie0 28 Jul 2013

JJ Cale's my hero/best I ever heard/but you got to sing it louder/'cause I can't hear the words.   1

BrianWDrummey 19 Jan 2012