Supersonic by J.J. Fad


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This is a slightly different version from the one I've always known, which I dubbed off a mysterious unlabeled mix tape a friend of mine had gotten from who knows where using my el cheapo boombox in the mid-80's. I couldn't use that version here (thanks for nothing, WMG!), but you can see it on YouTube here and it is glorious: This song was big for me when I was a kid. AFAIC, it's a stone cold classic.

spitesprite 10 Sep 2015

Summer.   1

maura 31 May 2012

This opens with some of the crappiest beatboxing I've ever heard.

laerm 14 Sep 2012

Happy Hump Day 80s Music Flashback...because somebody had to rap a rhyme to the word "bionic!"

rayprq 10 Dec 2014

All that #ish is fictitious. #Fergalicious... Or #Supersonic. Sorry Fergie. Supersonic.

thegirlburgan 16 Jun 2014

I love this style of rap. Just loads of fun.   3

stuarthoughton 5 Jul 2012