What Doesn't Kill You by Jake Bugg

drewmcclean’s jam on 3 Oct ’13 and then once after that (See all)


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drewmcclean 3 Oct 2013

Should be seeing this live next week.

cjn22 14 Oct 2013

From Jake Bugg's new album Shangri La.

BistoBesto 4 Dec 2013

LOVE the new tune, if the new album follows this trend, we're in for a treat

maddybarber 25 Sep 2013

Happy Monday friends

jimleatherman 23 Feb 2015

I wasn't overly impressed with his debut, i thought it was ok, nothing special. But i am loving this, and if this his the sound of his new album, i am really looking forward to it!

asfisher 23 Sep 2013