Lah-Di-Dah by Jake Thackray

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but lloydshep was first  

He's come up twice in as many days so that's why THIS IS MY JAM

edliddle 22 Mar 2015

In many, many ways this is a beautiful love song

bluestarfish 23 Jun 2014

Skip 1:30 minutes in to start the song!

PersonalNadir 11 Jan 2013

The more beautiful the girl that you fall in love with, the more peculiar her parents turn out to be.

dascoisasbreves 28 Nov 2012

Gah! The only non-restricted version available. Song starts 1:43. One of the most lyrically clever artists that ever lived whom died in relative obscurity. I seriously dithered between about 5 songs, but decided I would get complaints for Bantam Cock and so settled for this gorgeously wonderful song.

Cleops 29 Sep 2014

No bull - I love you very much...

markperlaki 10 Jan 2014