Limit to Your Love by James Blake

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There's a limit to your care

eggsolent123 9 Dec 2014

Perfectly expresses my feelings at the moment. Lyrics and music. Love the bass. Deep vibration...the sensation you get before you burst into tears...

christiannavei 15 Mar 2014

#FavCovers is born just after a little chat with @christineb . I begin with one of the artist I jammed the most last year. He almost made me forget the Feist version. Still amazing after these years.   5

MyBlueElephant 28 Feb 2014

New album in two months. I can't wait!

cjn22 5 Feb 2013

Just heard this again at "my" café - I love Feist's version, too, but this is from another galaxy <3

neleheise 22 Sep 2014

First heard in college, still gorgeous now.

floharper 5 Jan 2014