Whole Lotta Sex Machine by James Brown vs Led Zeppelin

batsfordbarman’s jam on 15 Feb ’14 and then once after that (See all)

“re found this. like the heavy funk mix”

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re found this. like the heavy funk mix

batsfordbarman 5 Mar 2015

Jimmy Page mentioned this at a recent talk he gave about his new book

pahudson 17 Oct 2014

I have to thank @curtywyshart for inspiration for this one ;)   5

Catherine 21 Sep 2014

I never get tired of this mashup.

Schaeffer 6 Aug 2015

Heard some great JB at a wedding this weekend but then found this instead. Pure bonkers!   1

gyrhound 3 Mar 2014

not for the purists ,but born from a similar vain , all good fun.

batsfordbarman 15 Feb 2014