Living in America by James Brown


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iceblight 11 May 2014

#USStates no. 40 of 50: into the final strait, with a handy recap from SOUTH CAROLINA's Godfather of Soul

TBBYNH 22 Nov 2014

From sea to shining sea #tbt #USMNT #OneNationOneTeam #WorldCup   3

elsienw 26 Jun 2014

What's James Brown doing here? Story-wise he's doing his part to get Apollo Creed flat out murdered in the ring. If you haven't seen Rocky IV (and if you want some good 80's cold war cheese this film is perfection) the story has the Russian roided up uber-boxer Ivan Drago coming on a "goodwill" and spends the entire time insulting everybody. So when washed-up ex champion Creed decides to challenge him in an exhibition bout he brings along James Brown to do a huge Vegas pro-america production number before the worldwide audience. This enrages Drago. Really not a good move. (Also, telling Rocky not to throw in the towel no matter what wasn't bright either because he has to know that in Boxing Movie Land the ref would never stop a fight when one of the men is so clearly near death.) This is part of a short Friday series I'm calling "What's James Brown Doing here?" Next week: BB2K

Mercurywaxing 25 Jun 2015

#Funkyfriday      #America   1

Ohow 3 Jul 2015

#WorldCupJams #Brazil2014 In honor of the US playin Belgium today, and for our review of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, James Brown with "Living in America", the official song for the cup was Gloryland by Daryl Hall . The Cup was held from 17 June to 17 July 1994. it gave us some good memories like Brazil facing the Netherlands, 20 years later I still remember that fantastic game, it was also the last appearance of Maradona in a World Cup, followin his doping scandal. @Avante 's Sweden was the sensation, goin through the semifinals, something they only did before as hosts in 1958, also Bulgaria shocked the world by defeating reining world champs Germany in quarterfinals. Like in 1970, the final was Brazil-Italy to decide who would be the first ever 4time world champ, to the delight of the American crowd the game ended on a 0-0 draw and was decided on penalties, 3-2 for Brazil for their first title in 24 years   4

maodiver 1 Jul 2014