The Boss by James Brown

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but bitstorm was first  

Bruce knew what he was doing by having this played over the PA at the end of every show. Yet another I've wanted to jam for a long while :)   20

lukestevo26 13 Aug 2013

A week of people that dragged my mood down, and reduced me to feeling a little bit paranoid. So I'm making this my internal theme song - The Boss, James Brown.   10

loboska 22 Nov 2014

Kendrick definitely owes sum $$$

cbs77 27 Jul 2015

I don't know karate But I know k-razy

jason1749 24 Oct 2014

Intending to own it like a boss this week...

badgergravling 7 Apr 2015

Soul Brother No.1   6

jackietheripper 25 Jun 2013