My Father's Coat by James Grant


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Tootsiebum 27 Jun 2014

I've almost definately jammed this before - but I that won't stop me jamming it again - especially as I have just listened to @lmvfillion 's jam and decided that's what I needed for my Sunday. Also appeasing @mikelowe too. Happy Father's Day to all you with dads - or who are dads : )   21

lindatee 15 Jun 2014

From the album Strange Flowers. This is absolutely beautiful . . . Just another example of genius songwriting. Love this - it's gets me everytime!!! #GlumWeek   21

lindatee 9 Sep 2013

James killed it again in London last week, including an acoustic version of this one.   1

gunsofbrixton 13 Apr 2015

Above the specs and the hearing aids, old porn and razor blades...

H185MAN 21 Sep 2012

Why you love it? Your favorite lyric? Something else? (optional) The imagery is sublime. His voice gives me the chills it's so damn good!

Welshbrummie 23 Sep 2013