Sometimes by James

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but mimtron was first  

Saw James friday night at Camp Bestival and they just blew me away! This was their closing song.   5

meredithdidit 5 Aug 2014

Come on, Thunder; come on,Thunder.....

JamieOPR 24 Nov 2014

Sometimes, when I look deep in your eyes I swear I can see your soul

mjfolan 23 Jul 2015

"One of the things I love about James is that I’ll often be singing quite a dark introspective lyric and the band may be pumping, completely going in the opposite direction. And we love those kinds of conflicts and clashes because that feels quite true to life." Tim Booth.   4

meddlingwitch 18 Sep 2014

Perfect song.

condorave 28 Sep 2014

I listened to this on the walk from Marylebone to Baker St this morning. Then I repeated it twice on the tube to Westminster because it's such a great song. It was my highlight of Latitude last summer - dancing away the final day weariness at midday in a boiling hot tent with thousands of 40 something ravers.

MichaelReader 20 Feb 2015