Gosh by Jamie XX

“Oh my gosh. Killer track by @jamie___xx”

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Oh my gosh. Killer track by @jamie___xx

mezelve 11 Jun 2015

siiiiick tune! @jamie___xx

furthermore_ux 14 Jul 2015

Oh my...   2

jdeleven 8 Apr 2015

"Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. Easy, easy. Hold it down, hold it down. HOLD IT DOWN" ---- Beautiful video too!   1

icelandelf 29 Jul 2015

Definitely a highlight from the show tonight, and a great vid to boot

ListeningMan 26 Jul 2015

From his superb new album 'In Colour'. "You can make it sound quite melancholy…but at the same time, it reminds me of paradise." (Jamie xx) "...the thrill of the moment never quite obliterates the wistful sadness that comes from knowing it will all end too soon." (Pitchfork Media). Top 5 Album of the Year (so far)   4

Bukowski 8 Jun 2015