Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice by Jan Hammer

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but threedaymonk was first  

What a synth line!   2

threedaymonk 6 Mar 2012

Slightly different version than the one I'm used to, very cool.

Schaeffer 6 Jul 2013

Riding into the sunset...   1

Mendelson9 25 Sep 2015

Its a song that has it all. Chill out bits, rocking bits and a nice electro/shitty synth riff. The 80s summed up in the song and video.   1

MattRoberts 7 Jul 2014

Hello, #summer.   4

IFTFOM 5 Jul 2013

It is technically impossible to get more 80s than this.......

Girlofmanderley 29 Aug 2014