Mohammed Rafi, Gumnaam Song by Jan Pehchan Ho

“Can't stop dancing to this”

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Can't stop dancing to this   1

sai_ma 4 May 2012

This clip looks like it's from a Tarantino movie, but is actually from the 1965 Indian thriller Gumnaam.   7

andyknightesq 12 Oct 2012

#moviesoundtracks Ghost World via Gumnaam (Click for awesome video)

lifeless1 13 Jun 2015

Now this is a music video. Bollywood style. And it's also in honor of India traveler, @Melindrift.   2

hotskillet 23 Feb 2013

Inspired by the Bombay Royale's mighty gig on the weekend.

heckofasound 23 May 2012

Title track from the movie 'Ghost World', no start dancing!   1

wayofthewah 26 Mar 2012