Mohammed Rafi, Gumnaam Song by Jan Pehchan Ho

“Can't stop dancing to this”

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Can't stop dancing to this   1

sai_ma 4 May 2012

Inspired by the Bombay Royale's mighty gig on the weekend.

heckofasound 23 May 2012

Another Mohammed Rafi song, but people actually know this one, from the Heineken commercial or Ghost World.   2

cid1615 11 Jul 2013

This clip looks like it's from a Tarantino movie, but is actually from the 1965 Indian thriller Gumnaam.   7

andyknightesq 12 Oct 2012

Catchy hook, ain't it?   7

queenofcups 6 May 2012

Now this is a music video. Bollywood style. And it's also in honor of India traveler, @Melindrift.   2

hotskillet 23 Feb 2013