FUCKERY LEVEL 3000 by Jean Grae

“Wait no this is my new jam. @jeangreasy yes yes”

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Wait no this is my new jam. @jeangreasy yes yes

McKelvie 16 Oct 2013

Goddammit, I found this thanks to @McKelvie and now that beat won't let me go and I can't stop listening to it.

miaculpa 16 Oct 2013

"On the Pulaski bridge, trunk full up with the shotgun, shotgun Tongue dripping with vodka, dripping on my lap on a map of Alaska"

tylerbw 16 Oct 2013

stealing @furiouz

margaritatee 11 Aug 2015

Opposite of Bette Davis oculars, waiting for the apocalypse Strapped with a cape in case I get popular, so I can drop it, bitch!

jebreject 16 Oct 2013