I Want Someone Badly by Jeff Buckley

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but adogover was first  

Even his b-sides were amazing. What a voice!   10

pabloldias 7 Feb 2013

Here's the Jeff Buckley song you didn't know you couldn't live without.   3

arletterocks 25 Jun 2013

In Jeff's voice, as needy and beautiful as it gets <3

maydbs 14 Oct 2013

Little known Jeff Buckley collaboration with Shudder to Think.   2

fishes 28 Oct 2014

Can we have Jeff back, please? There are plenty of people here on earth we can trade for him in heaven.

adogover 20 Mar 2012

Today my jam had to be one of his. Happy Birthday Buckley, Thank you for your music!

skinnyfoodlover 17 Nov 2013