Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley

“Farewell TIMJ. See you on the internet. x”

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Farewell TIMJ. See you on the internet. x

burningfp 24 Sep 2015

My last Jam. I've found some fantastic music thanks to this site. This seemed an apt one to sign off with. Thanks to the TIMJ team!

Greenelk 25 Sep 2015

Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye. This song has special meaning for music fans in the DC area, as it was used to sign-off WHFS before they ended their alternative format (which admittedly was not as great of a station at that point as in past years). And with this, I bid TIMJ adieu. It was a great site during my 2 years of using it. I have an account over at LetsLoop with the same username; add me there as I'll continue to post weekly(ish) songs!

ZeiramMR 26 Sep 2015

Australia voted Last Goodbye as #3 in Triple J's hottest 100 of the past 20 years. I have never been so proud to be Australian. Bask in it's glory.   6

jeffbuckley 9 Jun 2013

As my #FinalJam I chose a beautiful song from one of my all-time favourite artists. Thank you everyone for all the jams. :)   1

sallyann77 25 Sep 2015

Just stunning. Jeff will always be my favourite.   13

ZeppelinRule 24 Aug 2012