They by Jem

rubycadillac’s jam on 8 May ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but babyhirsch was first  

Haven't heard this song in years. Found it by accident through Pandora.   2

rexter42 1 Apr 2013

Whenever someone mentions Jem and the Holograms, I instinctively think of a different Jem...

Digitalistic 27 Feb 2015

Who made up all the rules We follow them like fools Believe them to be true Don't care to think them through

Susan_Silver 24 Apr 2015

Has to be one of my favourite pop songs. An unusual but still catchy backing track, inspiring lyrics that just about everyone can relate to.   1

_benbradley 17 Aug 2015

i kinda wonder who/what she's singing about

andyguy 29 Apr 2015

Do you see what I see? Why do we live like this? Is it because it's true, that ignorance is bliss?

gemmy 8 Sep 2012