Become Someone Else's by Jens Lekman

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In the end, we will always have Jens   2

spav 27 Mar 2013

If cute swedish songs about love can't warm me up, nothing can.   1

sarcasticvoice 11 Feb 2014

Jens Lekman is playing in Glasgow on November 25th. Anyone up for going to see him? Here's my jam-

Ed_Ritchie 8 Oct 2012

A bit old (well, last year) but the lyrics get me every time :') He should be more famous.

LegoTrip 8 Jul 2013

It all depends what lens you're looking through, maybe. But all I know 'bout love I learnt from you, Tracey.

leolento 20 Aug 2012

Recuperando una gema pop sueca. I feel good! ;)

tonysoprano 8 May 2013