Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman

“I was slicing up an avocado...”

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I was slicing up an avocado...   1

J_Dub 6 Feb 2012

This is one of the songs my mom has been playing around the house since I was a freshman in high school. ...looking through what music my mother played as I was growing up would probably prove very informative as to my origin story, actually. (Warning for the squeamish--lyrics include the singer cutting the tip of his finger off. I have a bit of a hands thing so I’m largely cradling my fingers as I listen.) ...ignore the video on this one, literally the only HQ version I could find that would play.

missmagnetism 17 Nov 2014

I want to listen to this on my record player :)

lennonpatton 14 Nov 2014

First heard from the 'Whip It!' original soundtrack, the song has been my absolute pick-me-upper since 2010.

erwin 10 May 2015

One of those songs when you instantly just know it's a keeper before it even ends.

adachic 18 Oct 2014

What's broken can always be fixed. What's fixed will always be broken.   1

theresaanna 17 Jan 2014