Voodoo Ray by Jeremy Deller

“Of course it's on Soundcloud. Everything's on Soundcloud.”

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Of course it's on Soundcloud. Everything's on Soundcloud.

antimega 3 Feb 2014

Hey ya ah ha ooh oohoo ah ha ha yeah   15

kemiladashdot 21 Aug 2014

This track is a composition of the classic British songs 'Voodoo Ray' by A Guy Called Gerald covered by the Melodians Steel Orchestra, an English/Trinidadian steel band, based in South London.

cadence 6 Sep 2013

oooh-hoooo ah ha yeah yeah etc....

chimneyorange 27 Jan 2014

seriously... the best cover ever.

pixmaven 25 Mar 2014

Thanks to Chris for pointing out this was online. So much love. (Deller's Venice installation, from which this is taken, is at the William Morris gallery in Walthamstow until the end of March - go see!)

stml 16 Feb 2014