Back, Baby by Jessica Pratt

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but sarahbabbss was first  

Something that struck me from #npr #allsongsconsidered 06/01/15 - nicely put on top of some Paris Texas footage   1

bignonioides 13 Jan 2015

Last week it was Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best (check it out) but I never got round to posting it... But now it's this. "Things walk that you can never take back again..."

Bern_Esquire 14 Feb 2015

Last jam before moving house this weekend, no internet for a while, hope to see you all on the other side sometime next week! "You can't go back, baby."   5

thesunneversets 7 Nov 2014

Fantastic new single from Jessica Pratt - can't wait for the subsequent album due to arrive next week.

BelloDiNotte 19 Jan 2015

Lovely...   1

caro_h 18 Mar 2015

That crooning voice is so relaxing and the melody is beautiful. I think I first heard her on this TIMJ, thanks guys!   1

NakedDave02 2 Apr 2015